The Jewel of Pelor



The Mountain Path

After boarding passage on The Red Hand with Captain Strossen, the group arrived on the shores of Fyoldir. There, on the frozen shores, were the beginnings of a small settlement to be known as Brenner. After a night of celebration, the men of the settlement got to work in creating walls, searching for fresh food and construction of buildings.
Strossen has ordered the group to take a cartographer known as Steven to explore the area and find a way up the Mountain. They are to return after two weeks.
Going up the mountain, the group ran into an abandoned campsite where they were attacked by a vicious Worg and a small group of Snow Goblins. After a deadly fight, they made camp.
The next morning, they made their way to the top of the mountain where they were treated with a beautiful view of the mountains. They saw in the distance a village on the side of one of the larger mountains. There was a large ridge that connected this mountain to an adjacent one. After crossing the ridge, they arrived on the other mountain only to be attacked by a couple of wild Worgs.


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