The Jewel of Pelor

Lord Brenner's Estate

After having traversed through the Deepwood, the adventurers arrive into the city of Desmond. They have acquired an invitation to a special banquet at Lord Brenner’s estate. Lorelei and Emmeline buy some beautiful dresses and Arkhan suits up as well. Arkhan, nervous to meet his idol Captain Strossen, manages to impress some of the local elite with his knowledge of naval combat and current events. Lorelei finds herself falling for a handsome young man, and Emmeline overhears what maybe e troubling information.

Lord Brenner then announces that he has commissioned Captain Strossen to embark on an expedition to Fjyoldir. Arkhan, excited at an opportunity to spend some time with the Captain, convinces Emmeline that the expedition could prove to be profitable.


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